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Polyethylene foam in a roll

Polyethylene foam wholesale from the manufacturer.
Polyethylene foam in a roll

Polyethylene foam is an extremely practical material in the packaging market, which combines the best properties of its derivatives: polyethylene and air.

Properties of polyethylene foam:

  • very light;
  • excellent thermal insulation properties;
  • economical and durable;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • does not absorb moisture;
  • resistance to chemical and biological irritants;
  • odorless, non-toxic;


Firstly, it is a fairly common protective transport packaging that does not allow the goods to be damaged, broken or punctured.

Often, polyethylene foam is used in furniture and glass production, as well as, as individual packaging of products.

There are many areas of application of this material, primarily due to its excellent characteristics and versatility.

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