What are the terms of production?

14-28 calendar days after the production order is placed. Its also depend on the type of product.

What are the minimum print run?

Minimum volumes depend on many parameters, including product type, size, film thickness, and printing complexity. Ask this information a manager.

Is the print run error possible and how is it compensated?

The volume of manufactured products can fluctuate within +/- 15% of the ordered. The customer pays for the quantity actually made.

How to choose the right type of packaging and calculate its characteristics for your products?

The surest way is to ask the advice of our manager.

How to get samples or order a test batch of packaging?

Samples can be ordered in any convenient way by contacting a consultant manager. Test batches are made exclusively for certain types of products.

What are the health standards of Logogroup packaging?

The production match the requirements of GOST 10354-82 "Plastic film. Specifications ", DSTU 7275: 2012" Packages of polymeric and combined materials. General Specifications ”.

 Opinion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Examination No. 602-123-20-1 / 8104 of 23.03.2017.

Bio-degradable products are made with the addition of the Additech OX modifier. Certificate # 100020116.

Is recycled polyethylene used?

Yes, it is. Moreover, for some types of packaging, the company strongly recommends the use of recycled polyethylene, cause we really care about our environment.

Does the company produce paper bags?

Logogroup specializes in the production of polyethylene, polypropylene and composite products and does not manufacture paper packaging.

What printing technologies we use

Logogroup use flexography for printing on plastic bags.

On what kind of products we can print the image?

We can print the image on all products that are presented on the site and in company catalogs.

How to define print areas on the packaging?

Each product type has its own specifics, design features and possible sizes of cliches. This info is pointed on packaging drawings directly on the each product page. Contact our consultant manager for details.

What is the color gamut of the plastic packaging and applied images?

Flexography Color System - Pantone solid coated ™. Color system for plastic film - Technofin ™. Contact our consultant manager for more info about nuances and color matching.

Does the cost of cliché is take into account the total cost of the order?

The cost of the cliché can vary and depend on the sizes, number of colors, the completeness of the color, and other nuances. The total order amount is calculated individually in each case.

What payment methods are accepted?

Non-cash payment from commercial accounts of legal entities.
Non-cash payment from cards of individuals.
Cash payment.

Is an prepaid expense for a custom made product obligatory?

Yes,it is. Without prepaid expense, the order does not go into production.

Can I postpone payment?

Yes, it is possible. Check with your consultant manager.

What are shipping methods and geography of the delivery?

Delivery of samples and finished products is carried out by Nova Poshta or other services throughout Ukraine. For deliveries abroad, please ask additional advice our consult manager .

What are conditions of return and exchange a product?

The product can be return or exchanged provided if there is the fault of the manufacturer. In other cases, the return is not possible because the products are made to order.

What products can be ordered urgently, what goods are in stock?

Company's warehouses are always have products of mass production: garbage bags, disposale plastic bags, t-shirt bags, zip-lock plastic bags, adhesive tape, poly mailers etc. We have a wide range of colors and sizes of this products. To order serial products contact the consult managers.
Pay attention on the "serial analog" option in the product description. For more information, watch the "Serial Products" tab on product pages.

Where can I see the finished product samples?

Samples of finished products can be ordered individually. They will be sent to a physical mailing address.

What are the working hours of our consulting managers?

Monday - Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Read how Logogroup cares about the environment
Environmental protection is a priority for the company
Environmental protection is a priority for the company