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Екологічна упаковка тут.

Паперові пакети, екосумки з бавовни та спанбонду, паперовий посуд.
Друк вашого лого.

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Popular "t-shirt" plastic bag With custom logo

Individual sizes. Selection of film color.
Biodegradable analogue

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Flexible packaging Package with central seam

Individual sizes.
Degassing valve / side fold.

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Doy pack with zip High quality printing

Individual sizes.
Free samples of products.

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Product range
Polyethylene packaging (HDPE/LDPE)
"T-shirt" plastic bag "T-shirt" plastic bag
A popular high-strength pack for food and household goods.
D-cut plastic bag D-cut plastic bag
Presentation package with mortise handle. For goods of small and medium volume and light weight.
Loop handle plastic bag Loop handle plastic bag
Image package for medium size and light weight products. Largest print area.
Poly mailer Poly mailer
Package for documents, small and medium-sized goods with adhesive tape on the valve.
Trash bag with label Trash bag with label
Universal plastic bag for household, construction and industrial waste.
Disposable plastic bag (PE) Disposable plastic bag (PE)
Universal package for small, bulk goods and food.
Zip-lock plastic bag Zip-lock plastic bag
For packing small and loose materials, consumer electronics, spare parts and parts.
Plastic bag Plastic bag
For packing of large-sized goods, designs, tires, furniture, clothes.
Packaging film in roll (PE) Packaging film in roll (PE)
Semi-finished plastic film. For packaging in packaging machines.
Disposable protective equipment Disposable protective equipment
Designed to maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the premises.
Packaging made of polypropylene (PP)
Euro-slot package Euro-slot package
For packing of small and loose goods. With die cutting on the stands.
Back sealed bag (PP) Back sealed bag (PP)
For small-sized goods and foodstuffs. For manual sealing.
Polypropylene bags (PP) Polypropylene bags (PP)
Universal transparent package for packing small-sized goods and foodstuffs.
Adhesive tape Adhesive tape
Polypropylene adhesive packing film for fixing the package. An option is to apply an image.
Film in roll (РР) Film in roll (РР)
Semi-finished polypropylene film. For packaging in packaging machines.
Combined material packaging (PE/PP/C)
Doy-pack Doy-pack
With bottom insert for locking in vertical position. For food.
Back sealed bag (C) Back sealed bag (C)
For packing of small-sized products. Combined barrier materials.
Three side seal pouch Three side seal pouch
For packing of small-sized products and materials. For manual soldering.
Vacuum packaging Vacuum packaging
For use in a vacuum. For manual or automated sealing of products.
Packaging film in roll (C) Packaging film in roll (C)
Semi-finished film of the combined film. For packaging in packaging machines.
Free sample delivery
Free sample delivery
Address mail delivery within Ukraine
The lowest price from the manufacturer
The lowest price from the manufacturer
Direct distribution without intermediaries
Internal quality control
Internal quality control
Independent sample examination of product quality
Environmental protection is a priority for the company
Environmental protection is a priority for the company
Read how Logogroup cares about the environment

The production of recycled polyethylene is only a small part of a large-scale environmental program. The ADDITEH® OX polyethylene modifier is a new word in oxo-biodegradable technologies that enables to achieve the actual biodegradability of packaging.

Logogroup is the optimal solution for packaging production

LOGOGROUP is a group of companies that specializing in the production and distribution of polymer film packaging materials (high and low pressure polyethylene - hdpe / ldpe, polypropylene and composite packaging - pe / pp / pet / c). Manufactured both serial and production on request of relatively small volumes with drawing the image.

The production time is 20 days. Logogroup delivers finished goods at its own expense. All products are certified and match the state sanitary standards for food and industrial packaging: GOST 1054-82, DSTU 7275: 2012, DSANPin 42-123-4240-86.

Flexography Color System - Pantone solid coated ™. Color system for plastic film - Technofin ™. For the production of biodegradable polyethylene a component - ADDITECH ™ OX is used. Certificate # 100020116 dated April 3, 2017.

years of production of packaging products
The company's annual growth is more than 150%
polyethylene - from recycled materials
Annually the percentage of recycled polyethylene increases by 5%
companies that trust us
Every second customer becomes a stable partner of the company
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"Company of the Year" is the official confirmation of the superiority of the company in its industry. The nomination confirms that the company is a reliable partner, a prestigious employer and offers quality services. The distinction is awarded on the basis of the register of reliability and investment attractiveness.

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