Stretch-hood film

Production of stretch-hood film.
Stretch-hood film

Due to such dense packing, the cargo is strongly kept on the pallet, does not fall apart and does not sway during transportation.

The stretch-hood film is used for reliable fastening of products of the food industry on the pallet, the construction industry, etc.

Advantages of the film:
- Strength. The goods are securely fixed to the pallet. Stretch-hood film constantly restrains the pallet in any position, at blows during transportation or at an angle.
- Savings. Packaging with this flexible packaging reduces packaging costs by 2-3 times and does not require labor.
- Speed. The packing time is reduced several times in this way.
- Good aesthetic appearance and practicality. Stretch hood is characterized by high transparency and gloss and allows you to read the necessary information on products and other documents under the film.