Пропонуємо пакети "recycling bag" з вашим логотипом, які виготовлені з переробленого поліетилену.
Переходь на сторону Еко та бережи довкілля! ⠀ ♻️ Пропонуємо пакети "recycling bag" з вашим логотипом, які виготовлені з переробленого поліетилену. ⠀ Таке пакування eco-friendly 💚, відповідає вимогам нового закону і після експлуатації, пакети знову можна здавати на переробку. ⠀ На кожному пакеті ми наносимо спеціальне маркування. Тому окрім реклами ви також покажете свою екосвідомість та здобудете лояльність клієнтів до вашого бренду. ⠀ Безліч брендів вже перейшли на екопакети. Піклуйтесь про майбутнє і Ви! ♻️💚 ⠀ Для більш детальної інформації т
Which types of plastic eco packages do we offer?
Logogroup has been operating in the market of plastic logo packaging and flexible packaging for over 10 years. All these years we have been improving, gaining supporters and building strong partnerships. We always try to follow all the trends and know all latest developments in the world of packaging. We believe that the pollution of the environment is one of the most important issues today. Therefore, in our range there are several options for environmentally friendly packaging, which we offer to our customers. These include: polyethylene bags
Biodegradable bags with logo.
The whole world is gradually switching to ecological products. This also did not go unnoticed by the packaging industry, as everyone today understands the importance of recycling and sorting waste and plastic. We want to offer a good alternative, which is gradually entering the market and beginning to occupy a strong position - biocompost bags with the logo. Logogroup is one of the manufacturers and sellers of biocompost bags that decompose in a few months after use. There are not so many of them in Ukraine yet, as this is a novelty for our mar
Biopackaging wholesale from the producer.
Consumption of conventional plastic bags in Ukraine and around the world is reaching enormous proportions. That is why our company has long been interested in the topic of eco-packaging and eco plastic bags. We are really trying to change the attitude of consumers to the seriousness of the problem of environmental pollution and we are agitating all customers to give preference to biological packaging. For several years in a row, Logogroup has been giving its customers the opportunity to purchase oxo-biodegradable bags with the logo or bags made
Modern problems requires modern solutions.
Biodegradable poly bags are created to protect our environment. There is also a lot of false information that is now surfing on the Internet web, about some myths about biopackaging we have already written, here. Biodegradable packaging are created from materials that decompose after three years under the action of water, oxygen and ultraviolet light and then absorbed by bacteria. Also, their decomposition does not emit harmful methane, but only carbon dioxide. We offer to order biodegradable bags with a logo ("T-shirt" bags, "banana" bags, gar
Areas of application and properties of secondary polyethylene products.
Plastic and polypropylene flexible packaging is a product that can be used in vary areas of activity. The polyethylene used by Logogroup for the production of bags with logo and other flexible packaging is characterized by its strength, moisture resistance, elasticity and tightness. Therefore, the company has been successfully operating in the market of packaging for many years and has partners and clients all over Ukraine. Today, as never before, is an urgent concern for the environment. Many researchers around the world are convinced that rec
Who is responsible for the disposal of packaging waste and what is the way out of this situation.
Packaging - the concept is very multifaceted, it includes products from a wide variety of materials. But what happens after the packaging becomes unnecessary? Used packaging can be used until the moment of unsuitability, for example, a t-shirt bag or a banana bag. But, if the container is no longer suitable for anything, such as used garbage bags, then you should think about such a thing as recycling. When it comes to environmental issues, it is unfair to dump everything on those involved in the manufacture of bags and other packaging. But why,
Technical information. Oxo-biodegradable additive that reduces the time of decomposition of waste polymer products.
Product Name: ADDITEH ® OX 004 RLL concentrate oxo-biodegradable additive. Regulatory document: TU U 24.6-21628777-003-2007 "Superconcentrates of granulating modifying additives". The hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of the HPP: 05.03.02-04 / 81620 Carrier of polymer: linear low density polyethylene. Product Description: Heat resistance - 260 ° C. Mass fraction of moisture - ± 0,05%. Bulk density - 0.55 ± 0.1 g / cm. cube. Active substances: Synergistic mixture of activators of destruction of polyme
Is it not enough to comply with environmental legislation and current production standards?Why is there so much noise around the use and disposal of packaging?Who should take care of the environment?Are polymers so harmful?How to deal with packaging waste most effectively?How harmful is biodegradable polyethylene?Is it efficient to use renewables, paper bags or cloth bags?How does the refining industry really work? Our blog exists to answer these and many other questions.  In order not to miss interesting information, useful articles and n