D-cut plastic bag

Presentation plastic bag with logo. For goods of small and medium volume and light weight. Low or medium strength of the handles and, accordingly, the load capacity of the package, large printing area.

Three design options:
- with side fold,
- with bottom fold,
- with the strengthened handle.

The side and bottom folds increase the volume of the packaging. The strengthened handle increases load capacity of a polyethylene bag.

Minimal order - 5000 pcs

SKU: 11PE0
Free delivery from 50000 UAH Free delivery from 50000 UAH.
D-cut plastic bag
"Банан" з боковою складкою
"Банан" з донною складкою
"Банан" з укріпленою ручкою
  • Material - LDPE / HDPE
  • Film thickness: from 20 to 140 microns
  • Dimensions: from 15x20 to 70x120 cm
  • Film color - to order
  • Perforation
  • Flexographic printing - 6 colors
  • Silk-screen printing - 4 colors
  • Activation for silk-screen printing
  • Analogue of secondary raw materials
Pay attention!
You can order bio-folding analogue

Dimensions and areas of print

A, B -  size of package.
C - depth of insertion of the handle (distance from the upper edge of the package to the handle), from 5 to 10 cm depending on the size of the package.
E - width of the slotted handle - 5,5 or 8 cm.
D is the size of the bottom fold. The dimensions of the side and bottom folds depend on the size of the plastic bag, but can be specified individually.
G, F - security fields for printing.

The color of the print is specified in the format N + N, where N is the number of colors of the layout for one side of the package. Zero is specified for the side without printing.

D-cut plastic bag
D-cut plastic bag

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D-cut plastic bag
D-cut plastic bag
D-cut plastic bag
D-cut plastic bag
D-cut plastic bag
D-cut plastic bag
D-cut plastic bag
SKU: 11PE0